Documents and Important Papers Checklist

Documents and Important Papers Checklist

Having documents and important papers up-to-date, organized, and accessible to a family member or trusted friend will save your estate and loved ones valuable time and money while your estate is being settled.

Should you die, your survivors will need to have access to them to help settle your estate, and resolve matters on your behalf. 

Below is a checklist of important papers that will be needed to settle your estate. Place them in a single known location, and let responsible person(s) know where they are.

  • Will
  • Burial instructions
  • Real estate deeds and documents
  • Income Tax Records
  • Username and passwords for your digital and social media accounts
  • Bank, credit card, and CD account numbers
  • Stock, mutual funds, bonds
  • Vehicle titles
  • Insurance policies
  • Birth certificate and/or adoption papers
  • social security number
  • marriage, divorce, prenuptial documents
  • Military service documentation

Having a letter of last instructions will help in the organization process.

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