Colorado Estate Planning Attorney

Colorado Estate Planning Attorney

Through carefully crafted estate planning, the Law Office of Paul Miller LLC helps and advises, folks plan for their futures, take care of their loved ones, and leave a legacy.

I have developed a program to get even the biggest procrastinators started on their estate plans in 5 minutes. I’ve created a booklet to guide to help your through my process. You can download it here.


My Estate Planing Process

To begin I gather information about you, your family and your assets. To help me I ask you fill out my estate planning organizer using my booklet as a guide. During this time we’ll schedule a consultation to discuss the best your estate planning goals and the best way to use to accomplish this goals.
After I have enough information to get started, I’ll begin working on your first drafts. The turn around time for first drafts is usually about 3 weeks. After you receive your first drafts, you’ll schedule a follow up meeting to review, revise, and edit your first drafts. I’ll then send you you’re corrected documents. If they meet with your approval we will schedule a time to have them witnessed and notarized. If they do not meet with your approval I will keep, making, changes and edits until you are completely satisfied; at no additional cost to you.

Estate Planning Packages

Nearly everyone chooses an estate plan package rather than an hourly rate or a la carte pricing. In almost all circumstances it provides a more cost-effective solution. Each package is tailored to the needs and wishes of the client, however most include the following documents:

  • Financial Power of Attorney
  • Medical Power of Attorney
  • Living Will
  • A Will (whether a non-trust, testamentary trust, or pour-over)
  • Guardianship Documents (if needed)
  • A Trust (if necessary)
  • Burial Instructions
  • Letter of Last Instructions
  • Beneficiary Deed (if necessary)

Estate Planning Fees

My fees for an estate planning packages are usually between $750 and $3000. Depending on your family, size, income, as well as the type of assets in your estate. Click here to learn how I determine my fees.

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