Anonymous LLCs And Your Privacy

Anonymous LLCs And Your Privacy

Simply defined an anonymous LLC is a limited liability company whose members are not publicly identifiable. By not disclosing to the Colorado Secretary of State ownership information, owners are able to maintain their privacy. Individual owners are able to have their business affairs remain confidential, as well as avoid harassment by sales persons or members of the public. The state of Colorado does not require members of an LLC to be publicly identifiable.


An attorney creates an anonymous LLC by acting as organizer as well as registered agent on behalf of the LLC’s members. Having an attorney create your LLC and file articles of organization on your behalf has the following benefits:

  • A law firm can assert attorney/client privilege limiting disclosure in legal proceedings.
  • Furthermore, communications between a law firm and a client will remain confidential in almost all legal proceedings.
  • Likewise, a member’s personal information is protected since it is not publicly available.
  • Since private information is not available to the public, owners are less likely harassed.
  • Owners conducting business deals under the guise of an anonymous LLC will preserve confidentiality among the parties.

Anonymous LLCs are ideal for landlords who do not want to contacted by their tenants. Especially if the landlord has a property manager. A well known community member who wants to conduct business privately. Victims of abuse who desire to prevent their abusers from looking them up. Business leaders who desire a separation from their personal lives.

Anonymous LLCs help protect your privacy.

Not only does my firm, file your articles with the secretary of state anonymously, my LLC start-up packages includes several years of registered agent subscription services. My firm acts a strong deterrent to others who seek to find and harass you. Additionally, summons or subpoenas served on your business will negotiated away. If those attempts are not successful, my firm works with several local attorneys who specialize in business litigation.


Even though you create an anonymous llc your person information is not bullet proof. Your information will still be available to the IRS and your bank. You will not be immune from lawsuits and an skillful attorney can use the court’s subpoena power to identify you.

To sum up, when filing articles of organization on behalf of business owners, my firm always files anonymously listing me as the organizer as well as the registered agent. Also, having a business address in a shared office space or using a UPS mailbox provides an added layer of anonymity. If you’d like to keep your business affairs away from prying eyes, contact me today.

Contact me if you need help with setting up an anonymous LLC. email:  phone: (303) 900-2529

This article is for educational purposes only, and does not constitute legal advice about your case or situation. There may be exceptions to the information outlined above. Please consult an attorney if you have specific questions about your business.

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